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Thanks for taking the time to read about us. Glammy Gift & Florist first started out as a hobby and passion of a young lady who did not even know that this would be something part of her life until stumbled upon it. It all started one summer when she was looking for a part-time during the school holidays. In the beginning, the spark for flowers was not an immediate love. However, as time continues and seeing more and more people come to enjoy her work of happiness she started feeling warmth and happiness passed on from the people who receive the flower bouquets and gifts. From then on, she believe that this is what she would like to do with her life and that is to keep pouring in more love and happiness and dedication to bringing smiles to all those who become part of her family in this journey.

Sending gifts is easy but hard at the same time as the choices are endless these days. With her expertise, all that tumbling and fumbling can easily be reduced to a mere 30min conversation to help customers find out what they really need. That is what she prides herself in.

It is her pleasure to assist in your happiness forever and ever.

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